Clare Gordon


clare-soloClare grew up in a choral tradition, with her mum as organist and choir mistress at the helm.  Now a mum herself, Clare spends much of her life at the piano with various choral groups, instrumentalists, and vocalists.  This year, however, she is happy to be devoting more time to singing herself.  With the addition of EVE and Melos to her schedule, Clare hopes her family will embrace her ‘public singing’, which is usually reserved for snuggly bedtimes and road trips!

An administrator and teacher of piano, theory, and musicianship for Queen’s Community Music, Clare is currently a collaborative pianist for Cantabile Women’s and Men’s Choirs of Kingston, the Dan School of Drama and Music at Queen’s University, Kingston Chamber Choir, Kingston Choral Society, Queen’s Community Music, and a regular extra with the Kingston Symphony Orchestra.