Val Hamilton

Alto 2

Composer, Saxophonist


Val Hamilton is a both an avid vocalist and swingin’ alto sax player.  EVE is her new love!!!  She is also a member of She Sings! women’s choir and Binky Swings, an a cappella jazz quartet. She plays sax regularly with Craig Jones and the 20th Century Band and Dr. Jazz & Mississippi Val.  Val has recently tried her hand at choral composing and has three pieces being performed that reflect the variety of musical traditions in her background.  Val’s most hilarious claim to fame is that, as part of Barber and the Sevilles, she achieved immortality by singing backup on a CD with Avril Lavigne (then age 14).  She’s also been seen around town with Heatwave Motown Band and has played Celtic music for over a quarter of a century!